SQL Server 2019 Standard

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SQL Server 2019 Standard + SQL Server 2019 - 10 User CALs
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SQL Server 2019 Standard

Download, install, and activate Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard and boost the functions of your business to an advanced level

Install Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard, a platform filled with functionality that is the perfect option for Small and Medium businesses. Microsoft SQL Server 2019 system provided you with modern functionality such as easy Java application implementation and the use of Python and R technology for Machine Learning Services. Reassessment of the PolyBase Infrastructure and Memory Driver, the convergence of the two strong Apache Spark Big Data and Hadoop Spread File System (HDFS) as well as workloads both in an on-site setting and through various public clouds.

Microsoft is striving to enhance its features

According to Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard, businesses not only save capital but also profit from the assumption that Microsoft is building on the capabilities of its competitor and improving them periodically in the 2019 edition. In reality, Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Model allows consumers with advanced computing capability. Diagrams help for the direct implementation of the Java code is not the slightest. Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard offers you the ability to utilize the same technology used by Python and R code that supports Machine Learning Services.

Microsoft is striving to enhance its features

The right approach for big data

Microsoft incorporates the two most critical large data systems into the SQL Server 2019 Model with the "Apache Spark" Big Data Platform and the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). Owing to standardization, the stream processing software enables the creation of Kubernetes, which in turn increases that large projects can be accomplished both regionally and through multiple community clouds. SQL Server 2019 Standard has made it very easy for employees to operate with large amounts of data of up to 100 terabytes per database.

The right approach for big data

Innovative additions for small enterprises

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard allows enterprises to end up receiving incredibly accurate and scalable-performance database management software that satisfies the requirements of the corporations themselves. Microsoft focuses on the extension of its predecessor SQL Server 2017 into the SQL Server 2019 Model, as well as on developments more centered on subjects including such artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data. SQL Server 2019 makes it easier for users to access other databases. Those comprise Teradata, MongoDB, Mysql, and a number of common ODBC databases.

Innovative additions for small enterprises




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