OEM “Original Equipment Manufacturer”

OEM is the abbreviation of “Original Equipment Manufacturer” that represents individuals or companies that are in charge of creating items such as computers and hardware in large quantities as a primary source.

An OEM license therefore is only available per purchase and can only be activated exclusively on one device. All of our OEM licenses are of budget-friendly type and sold to reserve every client’s license ownership rights. Therefore they are 100% authentic and legal software. However, when the hardware to which a software is bound no longer exists, the bindings expire and the software can also be purchased separately as an unbound medium. We offer our customers OEM software at the most competitive prices in the market.


What makes OEM licenses beneficial?

The most significant advantage of this type of license is that it is provided at the most affordable price. Additionally, OEM licenses cannot be stolen as they are reserved for one device only. Any changes conducted on the device such as the Motherboard or the Hard Drive can restrict you from using the same OEM license key again. Nonetheless, the software can be used to its fullest without waiving any features. You also do not have to compromise on the ability to upgrade or update. In the event that you go with a newly purchased computer from the store, the software, here also the advantage of "pre-installed", can be used directly.


Does an OEM differ from a retail version of the software?

Most people do not think that OEM software can be purchased separately. There is no difference at all between OEM or retail versions in terms of functionalities. Both are full versions of the operating system and include all the features, updates, and functionality you already are used to from the software you know. The only difference is found in the support by the manufacturer again, but most of the resellers for the goods sold adhere accordingly and also provide assistance in the event of a case.

Where their paths diverge, there are two important areas: support and flexibility. When you buy an OEM copy, you essentially assume the role of the manufacturer of your device. This means that if you experience any problems with hardware compatibility or activation issues, you may be prompted to contact the manufacturer of your device. In this case, it will be the seller you have chosen. So be sure to check the seller before buying and shop with a good conscience!

The second big difference is that when you buy a retail version, it can be used on more than one computer, although not at the same time. However, an OEM version is tied to the hardware on which it was first activated. If you need more information about this topic, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will gladly help you with your concerns.

For more details check also the definition in Wikipedia