How to install Office 2016 for Mac

RB Rosabella
  1. Requirements

  2. Introduction

    In July 2015 Microsoft released Office 2016 for Mac . This productivity suite is designed to satisfy vast numbers of Apple Macintosh users who have challenged Mac for an update to Microsoft Office 2011. It's also intended to attract new Mac users. This office 2016 Mac edition contains Word, Excel , PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. Before this release, Microsoft modified Outlook and OneNote so the newest version of these two elements are just a slight improvement, though welcome. Word, Excel and PowerPoint are all quicker, more user friendly and more elegant.

  3. Steps how to install Office 2016 for Mac:

      1. Please open the download link provided

      2. After you finish opening the link, please sign in to your Microsoft account and you will be led to the Microsoft “Setup” page.


      3. Now enter the license key code

      4. the installation screen will appear, now click on “Continue” to begin the installation process.


      5. Don’t forget to check the software license agreement, and then click Continue.

      6. choose “Agree” to the terms of the program license agreement.


      7. Now choose how you want to install Office and then select “Continue”.

      8. PS: If you need only install specific Office apps and not the entire suite, click the Customize button and uncheck the programs you don't need to use.

      9. Make sure to enter your Mac login password, in case prompted, and then choose Install Software.


      10. Congratulations! your software starts to install. Wait until it finishes then click “Close“ when the installation is done.


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