How to activate Office 2016 for Mac

RB Rosabella
  1. Requirements

  2. Introduction

    Office 2016 for Mac provides you with the needed support for all the tasks for school, home, and even the office. With Office 2016 for Mac, you can do presentations with PowerPoint, letters, drawing books and even schedules. The different programs will allow you to do your projects at the right time.

  3. Steps how to activate Office 2016 for Mac:

      1. In your menu bar please select Finder then Applications and go down to the Microsoft Office apps.


      2. Now please open any Office app, such as Word and in the What's New box that shows, then click on Get Started.


      3. An activation screen will appear, make sure to select Sign in.


      4. Put your email address associated with your Microsoft account and click Next.


      5. Now please wait. The system is checking if you have a valid license and then will activate your product.


      6. Congratulations! Now select Start Using Word, to start using the program.


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