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Our main objective is now achieved as our website has become a major contributor in software sale industry in Canada with a main focus on the secure and instant online purchase, genuine license keys, inexpensive prices, and customer support operations. is an Canadian online store specialized in online sales of Operation Systems, Office Suites, Antivirus and so on. Advisors

Many sites can sell you licenses, only can help you to optimize the costs and offer you the guidance you need before and after your purchase.

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Thanks to our automatic sending system, you instantly receive your license key as well as to be responsive and efficient, and as we respect your time and your commitments, you receive instantly (in 5 minutes maximum) your license key and download links for your software that will allow you a simple and immediate way to install and use the software on your computer.

Time is the only capital of people who have only their intelligence for fortune.

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The team is a group of people who share the same values of Commitment, Empowerment, Sharing and Responsibility. It is a team of experts in their field, who have the culture of listening, the taste of customer service and a developed sense of advice and relationship.

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"Our main objective is to make software license keys instantly available all over the world by a simple click."


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Our acquired skills and ability to provide products with the best quality on the market allows us to meet all of your needs and expectations is an Australian online store specialized in online sales of Operation Systems, Office Suites, Antivirus and so on.





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